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Our 20.109 BlogPortal is here for MIT's emerging cadre of biological engineers from Course 20. The blog is for your thoughts and work and discoveries in our lab fundamentals class. By capturing your collective experiences in the subject, we hope to learn even more about the work we do -- what's working well and where we need to get better. 
The blog consists of two layers. This homepage is the first layer. Here you will find links to other students entries as well as reminders from the teaching faculty.
The second layer of this blog houses your individual posts. At lease once each module, you should share your thinking about the class. Each post should be at least 300 words long and can take any form or relate to any aspect of the class you feel you'd like to share. At the end of the term, you'll be asked to turn in the posts and a summary letter that reflects on them collectively. If you choose, you can also comment on the blog posts of others, though this is not required.
A few reminders: this blog is visible by all members of the 20.109 community (teachers & students) so your comments should be as respectful and thoughtful as any you'd make in person. You can be controversial but you should not be rude or insulting. Your digital comments will also persist long past the time you're in this class so please don't make any comments that could be misconstrued or misinterpreted in the future.
Thank you for adding to the community by documenting your experiences in this class. Happy bioengineering!

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